Our sole authority for all matters of faith and practice is the inspired and inerrant Bible, both Old and New Testaments. We believe faithful churches are called to uphold the unchanging truth of the Scriptures and not ignore or compromise aspects of Biblical teaching that may be unpopular in the world we live in. We also believe we are called to speak that unchanging truth of God in love and compassion to all, proclaiming the gospel message of forgiveness, acceptance and the blessing of eternal life to all who turn to Jesus Christ with sincere repentance and faith. We also seek to practice that love to one another, living in a community of faith where all members of Fellowship Presbyterian are valued and cared for as we encourage each other in our walk of faith.

Fellowship Presbyterian and the denomination we belong to (PCA – Presbyterian Church in America) hold to the Reformed faith as a faithful expression of the teaching of God’s Word. Although the Bible itself stands as our sole authority, we also affirm the value of utilizing time-tested confessions of faith to provide a reliable summary of biblical teaching. There are multiple such confessions that provide faithful summaries of the Reformed faith, but in particular the churches of the PCA are united in accepting these documents to express our shared beliefs and practices:

  • Westminster Confession of Faith
  • Westminster Shorter Catechism
  • Westminster Longer Catechism
  • PCA Book of Church Order